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Jul 22. 0 Notes.
Jul 22. 0 Notes.

Girls have periods, cramps, babies, and everything else. the least a guy could do is text us first

Jul 22. 0 Notes.

"Girls need to start looking for guys who have goals, ambition,
and an education because 10 years from now
“swag” isn’t going to pay the bills.

Jun 02. 2 Notes.


You can talk to other girls , I don’t mind a little competition.

But dont get mad when you have competition too.


May 25. 0 Notes.

"i just realized that the voice in my head when i read things isn’t my own voice omg whose is it "

May 22. 0 Notes.

"just because I don’t give you my heart as soon as you show interest doesn’t men I don’t like you, or am ‘throwing you away’. It might mean I don’t know you well enough to do so, and I want my heart protected. It would be cool if that was respected. "

May 11. 0 Notes.

"I might hug other guys, I might laugh with other guys, and I might text other guys, but none of them will ever mean as much to me as you do. "

May 11. 0 Notes.

people like me don’t have best friends. you can’t trust me, and i won’t let you. i won’t get close to you because i am afraid of losing you. i will protect you from me and protect me from myself. i will keep secrets from you in order to push you away. i will do anything to keep myself from getting attached, because i have been there before, i don’t want to go back to being dependent on anyone.

May 09. 0 Notes.

"When I push you away, I want you to hold me tighter. When I walk away, I want you to pull me back to you. When I get mad at you, I want you to push me against the wall and kiss me. When I miss you, I want you to be there for me. When I feel you don’t want me, prove to me that I’m the only one. "

Apr 30. 0 Notes.

"When we first started talking, I didn’t want to get involved with anyone. Hell, I didn’t even know you. But you were so good to me, and you were so easy to talk to and little by little I found myself falling even harder for you. "

Mar 25. 0 Notes.

"Congratulations, you won. I have finally stopped trying. You are out of my life. Probably forever. But just remember, that when you realize that you lost your best friend, it was your fault. Don’t you dare try and pin this on me. I have done my fair share of messing up, but this one, it’s not my fault whatsoever. "

Mar 21. 0 Notes.

"And honestly, I’m not sure if I should keep holding on or let go. It’s stupid to hold onto something that just keeps hurting you, but it’s also stupid to let go of everything you ever wanted. "

Mar 14. 0 Notes.

"Guy after guy they’re all the same. I try not to get my heart all up in it but my heart loves to play the game. "

Mar 14. 1 Notes.

"She wants him. She can’t deny it. She’s just so confused. ‘Cause when she thinks back to the day he shattered her, she trembles at the thought of feeling like that again. "

Mar 14. 0 Notes.
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